Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Happy Holidays!

In honor of the holidays, our visit with the kids was especially festive and fun! We had club members (big buddies) bring in age-appropriate books to give to the kids, and we prepared goody bags filled with treats.  To begin our visit, we played a game similar to Musical Chairs to the sound of holiday music.  Then, we passed out the goody bags, each containing a candy cane, fruit snacks, a lollipop, a juice box, smarties and stickers.  After the treats, we had a pizza party.  As the kids were finishing their food, we called them in small groups to choose two books (they were all wrapped by us during our lunch meeting).  Most of the kids opened them to make sure they were satisfied with their choices while others decided to keep the surprise for Christmas.  We closed our visit with homemade brownies (compliments of Gabby).